“Tis the season” for hardy soups!  At Hors D’ Oeuvres time, — Dana Hessel has really made good “soups” for our hunters this Fall —- they really “scooped” it up!  We know almost everyone enjoys the hunt —- but they also sure “hit” the food table afterwards!

“Tis the season” for Family and Friends”.  The Hunters that spend the 2-3 days at the Ranch, chasing the “Wyly Rooster”, enjoying the ambiance —- the camaraderie —- leave here knowing they are a part of the Korkow Family.  Whether we see them at the next Rodeo or here at the Ranch —- it’s with a smile and a hand shake.

“Tis the season” to enjoy one more hunt!  We wish you luck and we hope to see you next Fall!