Pheasant Hunting with the Korkow Family


Pheasant Hunting with the Korkow Family


Pheasant Hunting with the Korkow Family



Some commonly asked questions.

Can I bring my own pheasant hunting dog?
Yes, we welcome other dogs. Our family hunting dogs are used to hunting with other dogs.

Will I/our group hunt or be co-mingled with other groups?
That depends on the size of your group. We hunt some big areas where numbers are pretty important. We have found that at times it is best to co-mingle groups.

Are you a hunting preserve?
No. We are a family operation and everybody pitches in to make your pheasant hunt a memorable event.

Do we hunt all wild pheasants?
Yes and No. For the most part you will hunt all wild native Ranch birds. We release additional pheasant hens in the spring and and start pheasant roosters which are released around the ranch at roughly 7 weeks of age.

Do your guides carry guns?
We have no guides – you are hunting with the Korkow family and our ranch employees who at times will have their shotgun.

What about ammunition?
You will need to bring your own shotgun shells. We find that everyone has their own shell preference and after opening weekend, the birds have their antenna’s up and become pretty wild. It’s not uncommon to switch from 6’s to either 4’s or 5’s in the same day – depending upon the wind. You also will need some shells to shoot clay’s. Bring plenty of Shells!! It’s not uncommon for our guests to run out of shells – it must be that the pheasants were zig-zaging in the air!!!

Do I need a license.
Yes. A valid State of South Dakota small game license is required. Also, all Department of Game, Fish and Park regulations are followed.

Where would I or my group stay?
There are two lodges within 10 miles of the ranch where a lot of our people stay and there are many motels in Pierre. We have contact info. for these places.

Where is the nearest commercial airport?
Pierre, South Dakota has commercial flights and it can handle a pretty big private jet. Rental cars are also available in Pierre. Also, Sioux Falls and Rapid City have become staging points for groups, then renting a vehicle.

If I or my group pay our deposit and for some reason we can’t all make it or we need to leave early – what happens?
Your deposit is non-refundable. Deposits can be used at a later date in the same pheasant hunting year.

Will we hunt the same area each day?
If you hunt for a week – you will be back to some of our “honey holes”, but we like to rest each area a minimum of 3 days and some areas 4 days—so depending upon the length of your hunt is your answer.

Korkow Ranch Pheasant Hunting FAQs