We have plenty of grasshoppers—so the pheasants should be more than happy—-the pheasants should weigh twice as much this Fall as normal!!  I was just up in the food plot areas on the top just south of Dons place—food plots have really grown—over knee high and the CRP grass plots are over waist high—-no not to a midget either—

Jim’s crew—busy taking stock to rodeos and haying.  Have got 2 cuttings of alfalfa put up—-could get another cutting yet—Jim is headed to Cheyenne Frontier days—bringing stock back from West Coast—then it will head back West.  TJ and Family have been out West since last week in June—Bree and kids will come back when school starts—TJ will still have Rodeos –Daniel is getting a lot of miles—taking stock back/forth—

I’m not seeing as many pheasants as I would like—-I know that the cover is outstanding and they are probably right under my nose—but I still like to see them!!  The winter wheat is being combined and most people around here will go right into harvest of spring wheat—that will open some ground—so should be able to “see” more birds!!

We are looking forward to the Fall hunts and want to welcome all our Hunters to the Ranch—-bring plenty of shells and clothes for all kinds of weather—two years ago a Air Force General was here hunting in his slip on shoes while it was snowing the end of Oct.—-and he had been told to bring different kinds of clothes—wonder how he made General”—