The grass is green – cash crops look good.

Have had decent rains.

Food plots look good.

Seeing mature Pheasants they made it thru the winter and spring.

Not seeing many chicks yet too much cover?

The Korkow Families are gearing up for Fall and Pheasant Hunting—Jim, TJ  and their crew are busy putting up alfalfa and grass hay—most of the big Rodeos even for the summer have been put on hold for this year—bucking stock in the pastures enjoying the off year!!  Don’s main job this summer has been spraying thistle—put the tree planting project on hold for this year—conserve the “cash”.  Craig at Merrill Lynch in Omaha—not sure he has any hair left after this roller coaster ride this spring!!!!

We all are ready for the Pheasant Hunting season to begin—we have a lot of people who help us throughout the season—-they are ready!!!  We all are looking forward to all our old friends who are coming to the Ranch this Fall and to the new faces to meet!  Bring plenty of shells and stories to tell!  See you this Fall!