We’ve started to groom some of our strips/paths for hunting as well as for driving — keeps down fire risk — seeing young birds and some old wise guy Roosters — always good to see those guys — our “Resident Roosters” are around the building sites — letting us know the time of the year.  We’re trying to set up a meeting with the head “Rooster” — get an idea how they plan to handle the C-19 issues — We’ll let you know how that “meat” goes.

Here at the Ranch, we are working on our C-19 plans — how to maintain CDC guidelines to keep our Families, Friends and Guests as safe as we possibly can — last year we had guests from 31 States and Canada — this year is most likely to be the same—so we are working to insure everyone’s safety while here — As most of you know—South Dakota has no restrictions due to C-19 — but that doesn’t mean that we all just “let our guard down” — it means we take some extra precautions — we are working on these issues to make it as simple — yet safe — for all our guests this Fall.

See you ALL this Fall!