The Pheasant Hunting “ crews” at the “Ranch” and across “Iowa” have been busy with “fun and games”—-besides trying to fix water gaps—-fences that have been under snow—so the horses “head to town”—-not even to a rodeo!!!  Maybe the horses were getting exersize for the Korkow Ranch Rodeo school the weekend of April 26.

A new hunting bus has been added (see picture) for small groups—we’re not sure if Roger Elliot will want to drive this bus or not—any volunteers?  Might have a flat tire to fix before you go toooo far!  The “Rooster Runner” has been Dana Hessels project;  the Remington sign is complements of Neil Anderson;  the Elk horns from my son-in-law, Dave Hiller which came from his hunt last fall.  My daughter Kayla wouldn’t let him hang them in “her house”;  got a bunch of deer horns to start another “reference point”; and we have to build a “landing strip” for the “airplane” —- hard to say what will be in the hunting areas next.

Waiting for “trees” to get in so we can start with replants and ground to dry so we can get started on farming and food plots—-It’s “ONE BUCKING THING AFTER ANOTHER’ at the Korkow Ranch this time of the year. We look forward to all our Hunters this fall!