As the Korkow Families end the year — we thank all the individuals and groups that were able to hunt pheasants with the Korkow Families in 2019.  We also want to especially thank all those individuals who were at the Ranch to help make it all happen!!  Our Families would have a hard time — if it were not for these guys, their spouses and others.  We thank our hunters for their business and we thank all those that helped make it  happen!

We are booking for 2020 and have already booked several sets of hunters.  We have discussed several ideas for this coming Fall, but one change that we have had to make to cover some of our expenses is to raise our daily rate to $325 per gun.  You will see this change on our website — —- we do this knowing that it will affect some but we needed to make the change.  As the winter unfolds we also will hope to put together some other ideas/plans for 2020 to make it all the more interesting to Pheasant hunt with the Korkow Families.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the Korkow Families!