Its “Time” — oil the shotgun, buy shells, get out the ear plugs and the shooting glasses —- listen to your dog —- Its “Time” to chase the “Wyly Rooster”.  The Korkow Families have people that will be at the Ranch this coming weekend from MN, IA, NE, SD, ID, MI, Canada, OH, CO, and probably a couple more States.

We have had good moisture, so the fire hazard is very low —- the grass/cover is thick & tall —- birds have a “plus” in their column —- pickups/buses will get stuck if not careful —- another “plus” for the birds —- dogs and hunters are probably a little “rusty” another “plus” for the “birds” on opening weekend.  The Hors D’ Oeuvres, food, stories around the fire pit —- a “plus” for the gathering!

The Korkow Families welcome all those that will grace the Anchor K this coming week – be safe – have fun – and we look forward to your presence for years to come!