As we mentioned in our August blog —- trying to setup a “meating” with the head “Rooster” —- it didn’t go well —- they “conflabbed” —- said they were going to all do their own thing and “out fox” —- the hunters!!! —- at any rate —- we tried!!!

It’s just a little over a month before our Hunters “take the field” —- we continue to get our hunting areas ready —- hopefully we can “out fox” the Roosters.  The SD Dept. of Game/fish has changed the starting time for the first week from 12 noon to 10 AM.  We will have breakfast earlier so our hunters will be able to get the “kinks” out of the shotguns—not miss quite so many by the end of the day.  More “stories” to tell around the firepit!!??

The official daily weather report for this Pheasant Hunting season:  Windy or calm; Rain or snow; hot or cold.  Just come prepared and carry plenty of shells!  See all our hunters this Fall!