Wildlife can survive a pretty harsh winter —- if they have places to go —- the Korkow Families have been developing “wildlife sanctuaries” for many years.  On our Ranch, these are places that have closeness to water, food sources and protection —- and very limited hunting pressure.  These areas might get hunted once a year —- if that —- our goal is to have “safe areas” around the Ranch for breeding, nesting, and rearing. We want our Wildlife to be able to “sit back” —- have a glass of wine and a good cigar —- at the end of the day.

That’s why we keep developing our hunting areas.  This year we will be developing another area —- some 6,000 new trees and 20 some acres of new grass/pollinator flowers.  The Korkow Families like to hunt and we will continue to develop areas.  If you are considering a place to Pheasant Hunt this Fall —- come experience  “Hunting with the Korkow Families.”  Fill out the contact sheet at the bottom of our website and one of us will be in contact with you.