Daylight savings time — Longer days — Warmer mornings! It will soon be time to start the Spring projects. As they say:  “outside to blow the stink off!” — at the Korkow places we have a lot plans in progress to get ready for our Hunters this Fall and the years to come!

The other day I and the dog were out in the side by side — checking tree strips — seeing how bad the weight of snow has broken down trees and branches —- same thing with fences — always a little repair work needed in the spring —- besides picking up deer sheds and junk from the past.  A great afternoon—with the dog “trying” to chase every deer! —- he’s like me — needs to “get in shape”.

We are just about out of our previous copies of “Korkow Ranch hunting” brochures — so have that updated and remade.  We had sent out to a lot of our past Hunters “request for photos of their “hunt” at the Korkow Ranch.  We received “lots” of great pictures —- thanks to all that shared their photos!