It has been raining the last couple of days —- good time to get out a little info! Regarding Pheasant Hunting at the Korkow Ranch.  The picture is the “Dixie Pole” —- Those of you that have “hunted” at the Ranch know that we have “reference points” —- poles at or near a lot of our hunting areas —- The “Dixie pole” —- new,  is being “decorated” by Don’s new wife with “her stuff” —- longhorns for her cows, etc. —-

TJ and Don were driving around the other afternoon, looking at food plots —- deciding which areas to “groom” —- saw quite a few young birds —- some old birds as well —- lots of cover!!!!  we are getting ready for the up coming hunt —- we hope all the groups that come to hunt with the Korkow Families this Fall bring plenty of shells!

Jim is starting his radiation for prostrate cancer —- we all , and I know all our hunters wish him well!