The Korkow Families are working on their respective hunting areas—-getting ready for the 2020 Pheasant Season! It won’t be long. I want to update all our hunters and those of you coming to SD. This Fall. The South Dakota Department of Game/Fish has made a change to licensing for this Fall—effects residents/non-residents alike—you will need to purchase a “habitat stamp/license” as well as your normal small game license. Also, a couple of proposals: to start the 2020 season at 10.00 AM verses 12:00 the first 7 days of the season, as well as to increase the daily limit to 4 birds starting on December 1, 2021—-should be decided at the Commissions meeting on Sept. 2/3, 2020. I’ll keep you advised. The 2021 proposal should make it more interesting for the late season 2021 hunters!

We are working to ensure that our Hunters, our Families will have a clean area while at the Ranch—-we will have masks/gloves/sanitizer for all that want to use them. The winter wheat crop in our area is being combined at the present time—-decent crop from all reports—next will be the row crops in Oct.—-these look good at present time.

We’re seeing different sizes of young birds—-two hatches or late hatches—see you all this Fall!