Hopefully our “WINTER” is over!!   It has taken a toll on our Pheasants —- but we are seeing the Roosters & Hens starting to enjoy the spring!  This week we put out our first bunch of hens to supplement mother Nature —- we know from over the years that putting out hens helps our Fall Rooster population —- its an investment in our business —- we also know that our “resident predators” will get their share, but I don’t think they know the difference between hens we put out or those naturally on the Ranch.  We might also need to put out some roosters such as we did for several years to build our population.  We won’t know this until later this summer.

This week we also replanted trees in certain areas of our shelter belts, a constant cycle it seems, but important in providing quality habitat for our wildlife.  It takes years to build habitat and we believe it provides quality to our farm and ranch land.  We keep working the land —- Jim and Don might be getting a “little long in the tooth” but they do have their heart in the land.