A little over three weeks until the Korkow Families start hosting old Friends to the Ranch as well as being able to meet some new people for Pheasant Hunting.

Roger Elliot has pasted away — he will be driving Pheasant Hunters around Heaven in the Bus this Fall.  I’m sure glad I was able to get down to the Omaha area and see him earlier in Sept.  Dixie and I are headed down for the service on Wednesday.

I’m getting a lot of questions around bird numbers:  we had no hail, pretty dry this summer —- not a lot of dew in the mornings, lots of grasshoppers —- I’m seeing a fair number on the roads in the mornings.  I guess we will see!

Come prepared for mother nature —- rain, snow, sleet, hot, cold, windy, calm — we will be ready and look forward to all our hunters arrival!