Get your “shooting eye” ready!

It’s been quite awhile since those of us at the “Korkow Ranch” have said anything—–that’s not to say “nothings happening”—-good and timely rains have helped our crops, the hay, and the grass for the livestock—-no hail so far has been very helpful for the pheasant chicks and all the other “critters” that roam the Ranch—the area looks good!!

Yesterday we got the plane up—those of you that want to “fly” are welcome—-no charge either!!!  Also got another “reference pole” planted—-called the J-5 pole—-just need to get it decorated like the others—yes, there is a story—when you get here, we will tell you the “story.”

We have been laying in supplies and getting ready for our guests as we have a pretty good idea of our hunters and their dates. Deposits have been coming so our hunters know they have their dates reserved—-important to us to have the deposits so we know you are coming—-we look forward to all of you that have booked your hunt!—-get your “shooting eye” ready!  The Korkow families will be ready and the “Ranch Hospitality” awaits you!