You all have heard the story ”keep your powder dry” another story —- if you happen to trip over a bunch of grass —- corn stalks —- it’s not enough to just “shake out the gun barrel” —- check it very carefully —- as one of our hunters found out a couple years ago.  Replacing a shotgun barrel is not cheap —- besides all the “ribbing” a person gets around the firepit after the hunt and a few cocktails —-

Here at the Korkow Ranch —- hard at work —- Jim’s crew busy with Rodeos —- getting ready to put up a new shop after the fire destroyed the other —- spring wheat in the ground —- working food plot areas —- our spring work is in full swing!   We hope you’re your spring is going well like wise and it won’t be long to summer —- then time to hunt some Roosters!

The Korkow Families wish you and families a great summer and we will see a lot of you this Fall!