A GREAT SPRING SO FAR — GOT 1.6” OF RAIN TWO WEEKS AGO and 1.2” ON APRIL 25 — new trees, pastures ,planted crops are all smiling!  Hope it doesn’t turn off!!

We put out 480 pheasant breeding hens around the Ranch on April 24 — it’s one of those “things” we have been doing since 2009 — does it help — always hard to say — but this plus all the habitat areas we have incorporated and improved seem to have increased our bird numbers — as well as our predators!  We had a good crew putting out birds — Jim/Wes — Dana/George — Don/Daniel — put them in 13 different places.

We are gearing up for this falls hunting season — hopefully mother nature keeps us in her mind — stop in if you are in the area — see a lot of you this Fall.