We had to cancel our last two hunts in 2022! —- too much snow —- it was at the top of the trees in the shelterbelts —- the same with the food plots —- only way to get around was by our tractors —- pickups got stuck —- it wasn’t going to be a hunt —- more like an endurance ordeal!  Before and after Christmas we spent our time clearing feedlots/roads/paths.  Oh well —- look at the moisture to start the new year!!
Brother Jim, slipped/fell on the ice —- broke his hip —- he is on the mend at the current time —- itching to get out and into his tractor so he can plow snow —- his family is having a hard time keeping him “constrained” —- wants to be “productive”.

We are in process of lining up our hunts for 2023 —- if you are thinking of coming to the Ranch this Fall and haven’t already made a reservation/date for our calendar —- contact me —- so we can get you down —- we are seeing a lot of new inquiries which is really nice!

We will be going to Pheasant Fest in Minneapolis on Feb. 17-19 —- if any of you are there stop by our booth! —- otherwise, stay warn!