Pheasant hunting with the Korkow Family



Never hunt pheasant in the same field in a three day span.

The Korkow Ranch property lays just north of the Missouri River some 20 miles east of Pierre,SD in the Medicine Creek valley and plateau. The number of old Tepee rings, rock effigies, grave sites and hillside dugouts lay fact to the generation of hunters who have occupied this historic area in the past. Our 5 generations of Korkow’s continue to honor the area and are proud to be its current caretakers.

The Korkow ranch consists of some 9,000 acres of contiguous agricultural property. This area has consistently ranked among the “highest” bird count data as complied by the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks.

We hunt pheasant and game bird in tree strips, food plots, crop ground, CRP grass, native grass and areas adjacent to Medicine Creek which meanders some 4 1/2 miles through the ranch. We tailor our hunts to our guests, as we have some “tough hunts” and plenty of “easy areas” (our family thinks they are easy)

No-till farming, our love of hunting and stewardship practices over the years have produced prime nesting and areas of winter protection for the wildlife that occupies the ranch. It’s not unusual in the winter and spring to flush large numbers of pheasants, sharp tailed grouse and deer from these feeding areas while checking livestock or fences.

We also believe in supplementing mother nature. We release additional pheasant hens in the spring and put out our 3 surrogator units around the ranch to raise additional roosters starting in early June. Our Ranch coyotes, resident eagles and other raptors can’t seem to tell the difference in the birds! Nor do the birds seem to know or respect our fence lines from our neighbors properties.


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